12 Iconic Christmas Desserts And Where To Eat Them In Singapore

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Christmas Dessert Singapore 2021

When it comes to a good dessert, we can all say that no matter how full we are, we always make room for it. And Christmas is no exception. It’s the best time to use the excuse of the holidays to overindulge. From rich chocolate yule log cakes, to traditional trifles, pavlovas, and more…Singapore has a delightful selection of global Christmas desserts to dive into this Christmas season.

1. Yule Log Cake

An old worldwide tradition, Log Cake remains one of the most popular Christmas desserts in Singapore. There are many variants, but traditionally, it is made to look like a cylinder swiss roll, with chocolate buttercream, eggs, cocoa powder and flour. In Singapore, our favourite places to eat them include Swensen’s with their Sticky Chewy Ice Cream Log, and The Cat And The Fiddle which makes a rare Pistachio Raspberry Praline Log.

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2. Sticky Date Pudding

Possibly one of the greatest Christmas desserts from England. This childhood favourite consists of a sponge cake filling, with chopped dates, usually smothered in toffee sauce. It’s sinfully delicious, and what makes it even more heavenly is if you add vanilla custard, butterscotch sauce and a scoop of ice cream. Our favourite places to get one is PS Café and All Things Delicious, who are already catering iconic dishes for the festive season.

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3. Tiramisu

This beautiful Italian dessert is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a mixture of eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese and flavoured with cocoa. A slice of Tiramisu is the pick-me-up you need whenever you’re feeling blue. There are plenty of spots in Singapore, but we love the dreamy selection of flavours over at Cocoa Fields and L’Atelier Tiramisu. Think classic chocolate, dark cherry, matcha, Brulée, just to name a few.

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4. Festive Cookies

Indeed, it isn’t hard to find a box of delightful Christmas cookies in Singapore. However, be sure to go for diverse flavours like gingerbread, cranberry, hazelnut and more. Halal-bakery Miixsir normally bake a scrumptious selection of festive cookies. Otherwise, check out our list of the best places to get cookies in Singapore.

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5. Panettone

Italian Dessert Singapore Christmas
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This Italian dessert can be found in most grocery stores during the Christmas season. Originating from Milan, it’s a sweet bread, in modern times, consisting of several flavours. Think chocolate, fruits, raisins, and more. If you want to pre-order one, check out wholesaler Jupiter 57.

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6. Christmas Pie

Pie is traditional in America and most of the English-speaking world during the festive season. For example, apple pie and cranberry pie are real crowd-pleaser and perfect for sharing. Normally, they are made with buttery crust, filled with ingredients like apples, and baked to perfection. Try Elijah’s Pies, this season for a delicious variety of pies in Singapore.

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7. Pavlova


This elegant Australian and New Zealand dessert has a traditional meringue-base, with crisp crust, soft insides, and normally topped with whipped cream and lots of fruits. Pavlova enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike will be eager to taste ATIPICO’s dreamy fruits covered pavlova with a crunchy caramelized meringue. How delicious!

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8. Banoffee Pie

Sweeten up your Christmas with this yummy English dessert made from bananas, thick caramel sauce, cream, butter and biscuits. The recipe has evolved to include plenty of OTT extras, from chocolate to coffee, and more. Consequently, if you’re a Banoffee Pie lover then you must try the droolworthy slices at PS.Cafe at Great World, or the Chocolate Banana Banoffee Pie (pictured) at The Marmalade Pantry.

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9. Black Forest Gateau

This much-loved German delicacy consists of layers of chocolate cake with cherry sauces, chopped cherries and whipped cream filling. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to locate a traditional one in Singapore. However, you could go to Laurent Café & Chocolate Bar, where they have the most appetizing 3-layered dark chocolate Black Forest cake. It’s got two layers of cherries, plenty of whipped cream and chocolate toppings. What’s not to like?

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10. Cheesecake

Another iconic dessert loved by the masses. There are hundreds of Christmas cheesecake recipes, so we recommend checking our article on the best cheesecakes places in Singapore, to see where to find the best ones.

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11. Fruitcake

Fruitcake consists of a mix of barley, nuts, seeds, raisins, fruits and honey. Additionally, we bet you’ll love the Traditional Rich Fruitcake that you can pre-order on Pan Pacific Singapore. Likewise, they cater a range of delicious Christmas treats such as gingerbread houses, minced pie, and more.

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12. Traditional Trifle

Another one of the best Christmas desserts normally made with layers of pound cake, fresh fruit, jelly, creamy custard and whipped cream. Whatever your personal preference, many people love to add festive flavours like chocolate, black forest and eggnog. Try the exclusive Lawry’s The Prime Rib for a taste of the famous Strawberry English Trifle which is served with vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, attempt to make it yourself.

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