6 Places To Find Irresistible And Indulging Crazyshakes In Singapore

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best crazyshakes in Singapore

Because Instagramming your shakes is just as important as enjoying them, right?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t adore a delicious monster milkshake? Creamy ice-cream submerged in bundles of chocolate, jellies, mouth-watering cakes, candy floss, doughnuts, and more — all to make the perfect concoction. It is the epitome of happiness! Hence why we have tracked down some of the best Crazyshakes in Singapore for all you dedicated foodies to indulge in. Indeed, these milkshakes will certainly bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard.

1. The Benjamins 

This spot takes pride in being home to some of the most OTT milkshakes Singapore has ever seen. With an array of quirky choices, from The Unicorn to Cookie Monster to Red Velvet and, my personal favourite, their Cereal Crunch…you can’t go wrong here. Be sure to try their jaw-dropping breakfast cereal shakes, full of chocolate, fruity goodness and corn pops. The kid inside you is screaming right now. You’ll be pining for a visit after checking out their Instagram.

📍 #01-20/21 Forum Shopping Centre, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884

2. Black Tap

Expect the Crazyshakes here to be the most divine thing you ever lay eyes on. Seriously, there is nothing better than washing down a tasty gourmet burger with an over-the-top milkshake, smothered in cake and chocolate. These insta-famous crazyshakes are a foodie’s ultimate glory, and fittingly so, because they offer the most unique versions alive. Think Sweet N Salty Shake with peanut butter, M&Ms and salted pretzels, or for cake lovers, The Cake Shake. They are totally worth the $20 if you ask me!

📍 10 Bayfront Ave #L1-80, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956

3. The House of Robert Timms

Satisfy your sugar loving taste buds here, and grab the perfect crazyshakes fix! Nothing beats a thick milkshake topped with your choice of brownies, Oreos, pretzels, doughnuts, chocolate lashings, marshmallows and so much more. With rave reviews and some awesome menu additions including The Signature Rocky Timms, The Vanilla Bourbon, and the Popcorn Carnival. Time to break the diet to indulge in these well-worth-the-hype treats!

📍3 Temasek Boulevard, Mall, #01-608 Suntec City, Singapore 038983


4. Citrus By The Pool

At this Halal-certified spot, you’ll find nothing but fulfilment in these 600ml glasses of happiness, overflowing with rich ice-cream, multi-coloured sprinkles, biscuits, and nostalgia-inducing childhood sweets! For something a little diverse, opt for the Strawberry Gem or Caramel Shake. And for a stellar experience, pair it with some scrumptious grub. Remember, a milkshake is never too sinful, so head to this spot for some of the finest Crazyshakes in Singapore.

📍 3 Woodlands Street 13 Woodlands Swimming Complex, Singapore 738600

5. 25 Degrees

Now, these bad boys aren’t as extravagant as the rest on our list, but they do provide an irresistible creamy and rich texture that offers the daily dose of sugar you need. One highlight is the salted caramel shake, made with ice-cream, pretzels, topped with a generous amount of cream, and more. Be sure to combine your shake with a signature burger for the most pleasurable foodie experience.

📍 200 Middle Rd, Hotel G, Singapore 188980

6. OverEasy

This 5-star hotspot serves up some of the most delicious American grub in town, but have we ever raved about their decadent milkshakes? Gorge on the Berry Bonzana, which is one of OverEasy’s most famous milkshakes that comes oozing with chocolate, marshmallows and berry goodness. Course, it is the least sinful on our list, but still as indulgent as ever. Additionally, this place just so happens to be one of the best American eateries in Singapore. Therefore, this one is unmissable.

📍1 Fullerton Road #01-06 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

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