6 Places To Find Dreamy Donuts In Singapore That Will Brighten Up Your Day

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Best Donuts Singapore

Time to indulge on some heavenly donuts.

Whether you want an evening snack, sweet-filled breakfast or a work-from-home treat, Singapore is popping with some of the most authentic donuts places to satisfy your dough, savoury and sweet cravings. From mouthwatering classics to sinfully filled and customised…who doesn’t love a good donut? We’ve listed our favourite six donuts shops in Singapore below, so all you need to do is worry about chowing down on some of the finest baked goods in the city.

1. The Fat Kid Bakery

Get the perfect fix of assorted sourdough fluffy donuts from this spot. Each donut comes filled with diverse and scrumptious intense flavours oozing from the top. Think chocolate mess, apple pie, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla crème Brulée, passion fruit and strawberry shortcake, just to name a few. Grab one donut from $4 or a box starting at $14. Indeed, they are well worth the extra calories.

📍 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 66, #01-07, Singapore 567708

2. Fluff Bakery

This Halal-certified bakery is an excellent choice for an irresistible weekday treat. They’ve got some delightful filled donuts that are baked fresh daily. For instance, you can devour vanilla sea salt caramel flavours, strawberry cream pie, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and more. Indeed, it’s the mood booster you need during this stormy weather. Delivery is available and you must preorder one to two days in advance dependent on your purchase. To order, visit the Fluff Bakery website.

📍 4 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199071

3. Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

If you’re looking for something innovative and exotic, the folks down at this place are known for experimenting with flavours. Each donut is stuffed with an imaginative flavour of pastry cream with an artisanal twist. For example, velvety lavender lime mascarpone, black sesame peanut, passionfruit banana, basil cream and rhubarb, to name a few. Consequently, you can prepare to send your taste buds on an adventure.

📍 9 Penang Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238459


4. Doughnut Shack

This delightful bakery is a cult-favourite and is home to Singapore’s first-ever chili crab donut.  Would you dare to try it? If that one turns your stomach, well they’ve got plenty of delicious gourmet bombos like raspberry jam, dark chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, the list is endless. Otherwise, you can opt for a glazed donut such as milo oreo crunch, vanilla or sprinkles. Undoubtedly, one of the best donuts spots in Singapore.

📍 87 Whampoa Dr, #01-887, Singapore 320087

5. Kind Kones

Good news for all the dairy and gluten intolerant folks out there – this spot serves scrumptious gluten-free, dairy-free, egg and sugar-free ice cream and baked goods. Their fluffy chocolate ring donut is loaded with plenty of nutritious almonds and flax seeds to give you the boost you need. Thank us later!

📍 Various Locations 

6. Korio

Expect a large selection of dreamy and creative donut flavours at this spot. They cater the most appetising New York-inspired brioche donuts, along with ring donuts like peanut butter and jelly, cream-filled donuts such as banoffee pie, pistachio, and caramelised biscuit. Get the greatest fulfillment by ordering a box starting at $20.

📍 135 Amoy St, #01-03, Singapore 049964

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