15 Wonderful Women-Led Independent Businesses In Singapore, As Chosen By Secret Singapore Followers

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15 Wonderful Women-Led Independent Businesses In Singapore, As Chosen By Secret Singapore Followers

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

International Women’s Day is approaching (March 8, to be exact) so we thought we’d share some of the best women-led businesses in Singapore. And, who better to tell us the best spots but YOU. We took to Instagram to find out your favourite women-led businesses, and you did not disappoint, giving us some truly boss places to shout out. From dazzling watercolour pieces to tasty milkshakes to award-winning architect firms, here’s what you came up with. Enjoy!

1. The Floral Atelier

Led by Lillian Chew, we start with a flowery entry. The Floral Atelier are your go-to spot for stunning, masterful scents and decorations. Artisan florists, designers and professional creators offer you a vast selection of truly beautiful luxury plants and flowers. Whether you’ve got a large wedding in mind or just want to treat someone special, The Floral Atelier guarantees you a jaw-dropping display.

2. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito is one of those wonderful sites to browse through and add pretty much everything they have to your basket. They sell high-quality, beautifully-designed women’s clothes created with love and care, so get clicking, people!  They create clothing by women, for women to envision who they are and what they want to be.

3. Coco Boss

Simply put, a lovely spot to purchase a bloody delicious milkshake. Coco Boss serve up an expert coconut shake that will have you dreaming about sitting by the palm trees on the beach.

4. 3eighth

3eighth are another great clothing shop, going by the slogan “For her, him and everyone else in between”. You can browse through their stylish collection online, or book an appointment to view their range in store. Happy clothes shopping everyone, remember to treat yourself!

5. Date High Flyers

Dubbed as Asia’s Best Luxury Matchmaking Agency, Date High Flyers is in the business of find you lurrveeee. it offers an exclusive service for professional singles to meet and form connections. On top of their main service, over at their Instagram page you’ll find links to podcasts from founder Anisa Hassan, videos and pieces about the matchmaking business and how to go about meeting people. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the secret to meeting “the one”!

6. SPARK Architects

SPARK is a forward-thinking, creative firm that has given the world many award-winning urban designs – including Clarke Quay in Singapore – across Asia, Europe and the Middle-East. They aim to be both environmentally and socially conscious with each project, while creating work towards an inspiring future.

7. Organic Family Chiropractic

A Singapore-based chiropractic for all, but one that is the first of its kind here. That’s because it is especially dedicated to pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care, and is basically a godsend in helping families thrive. They work with your body to sense the core issues and finding the solution to help you hopefully lead a comfier, more ache-free life.

8. And Then She Weaves


An innovative, independent page in Singapore that conjures up beautiful fibre art. These pieces all look incredible, and range from fibre-designed earrings, tapestries, framed pieces, keyrings and much more. Designs are even available on request, so you might just be able to get your hands on one that you’ve helped to dream up. And The She Weaves is the perfect spot to check out to brighten up your house.

9. The Feisty Chick

A wonderful brand that serves to give the people of Singapore some truly flawless makeup. As well as purchasing some delightful pastel sets, you can also take part in their frequent pop-up events, view some kick-ass tutorials on their Instagram, and even purchase some chic masks that match your makeup designs.

10. Drool Stamps

Are you looking to give the finishing touch to a card design for that special someone? Well, we’re ready to point you straight over to the wonderful artwork of Drool Stamps, who boast some remarkable designs to spruce up your work. Whether you want a cute plant design, a shape made from Taiwan street food, or a custom design, Drool Stamps have you well-and-truly covered.


GLOWFULLY is a fabulous cosmetics brand created by owner Charlene in 2018. It birthed after her research into skincare brands that would be rid of many controversial ingredients, so as to help her mother who was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. GLOWFULLY pledges to provide a non-toxic skincare experience without the use Paraben, Phthalates, Sulfates and Formadelhyde. It uses clean beauty products and, as the name suggests, leaves you absolutely glowing!

12. The Whimsical Repose

A self-taught artist and illustrator based in Singapore, Sarah aka The Whimsical Repose offers all kinds of beautiful designs that can be yours! We’d highly recommend getting your hands on some truly radiant watercolour pieces that would brighten up any room in the world.

13. No Sleep Club

We can all relate to the needs for these nights once in a while… or more than a little often. It’s time to get involved with the No Sleep Club, baby! This stylish Singapore offers up some graceful cocktails and sumptuous snacks for you to gorge on all night long.

14. Durrows

Durrows are here to help you with all things interior design. Brighten up your home in a beautiful, environmentally sustainable way that ensures you help yourself at the same time as being kind to the planet.

15. Consider The Wild Flowers

Are you a cat lover? If not, why not? If yes, move on through to Consider The Wild Flowers, who offer plenty of fun art studio workshops, including “Jamming with cats”! Who wouldn’t want to take part in a three-hour session surrounded by your favourite animals. Plus, CTWF offer up plenty of pieces you can purchases, such as a cute as hell set of cat teacups.

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