Camp At Changi Airport And Race In Neon-Lit Go-Karts For The First Time

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Camp At Changi Airport And Race In Neon-Lit Go-Karts For The First Time

Indeed, Changi Airport is one of the best airports on the planet. And, excitingly, the Changi Festive Village has returned to Singapore for another year of Christmas adventures. Wonderfully, they have added a range of new activities people of all ages can enjoy.

Until January 3, experience the magic of Changi Festive Village. From waking up to runway sunrises to cycling through dinosaur displays and more…you won’t be bored.

1. Glamping

Glamping Festive Village Singapore Airport
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

Create unforgettable memories with a group at this unique glamping experience at the airport. Glamping tents have been set up at Terminal 4, where families and friends can wake up to iconic sunrises and airplanes taking off. There are packages for families with add ons such as Design Thinking workshops and access to digital attractions, which provides the perfect bonding experience.

Glamping Christmas Changi Airport
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

Additionally, you could stay for half a day in a cosy luxurious festive tent at the top level of the Jewel at Cloud9 Piazza. Guests will be treated to plenty of entertainment, from board games to movie marathons and lots of the airport attractions. Likewise, you can have a festive picnic party by ordering your favourite comfort food right to the foot of the tent.

2. Go-Karting

Go Karting Changi Festive Village
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

For the first-time, this indoor, air-conditioned neon-lit go-kart racing has landed in Singapore. At the T4 Departure Hall, all ages can get their adrenaline pumping by racing against one another in a magnificent dinosaur-themed neon race track. The karts can reach speeds of 24km. Bookings are essential. Book via the Changi Airport website.

3. More Attractions

Changi Festive Village
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

Other unmissable attractions include cycling through Jurassic Mile to be mesmerised by Dino Dazzle light-up displays, conquering all things dinosaur at Dino Carnival, jumping your merry-little-heart-out at Dino Bounce and participating in fun challenges and workshops, to name a few.


4. Photos

Changi Airport Festive Village
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

Certainly, there are lots of dazzling photo opportunities. Like, Ready Jet Set Tsummm is an instagrammable Disney photo experience at Terminal 3. For example, step into an enchanting snow globe to snap a cute selfie.

Additionally, Meet The World At Jewel exhibits stunning Christmas displays amongst a lush greenery, with fake snowfall, that sets the scene.

Definitely, you can’t miss out on Changi Festive Village in Singapore this month. For booking information, visit the Changi Airport website.

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